Mathematics 46-001---Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations(Underconstruction)

Psalm 46(4): There is a RIVER whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells.

Time: TTh. 2.10--3.30PM.

Location: WAT. 1101.

First Class: Mar. 29 (T).

Text: Differential Equations, by R. Bronson and G. B. Costa

Midterm will be on the sixth week

Final Exam: June 10 (F), 11.30AM--2.30PM 2016

Satellite Class: MATH-046-002, W 8:10AM-9AM, PHY 2104; MATH-046-003, W 12.10-1PM, MSE 113; MATH-046-004, W 3.10-4PM, SPR 2365.


Office Hours

My office hour is F 1.30-3PM in Surge 237 or by an appointment

Teaching Assistant and Reader

Math 046-002 and 004: TA: Olive, X. office hours: MW. 9 to 11am to 1pm in Pierce 2429


Math 046-003: TA: Lee, M. office hours: M. 1 to 3pm, W. 9am to 11am in Pierce 2424


Reader: WeBWorK

A List of Homework and Sample Exams(see also)

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