Mathematics 10A-001 Fall 2014---Calculus of Several Variables I(Underconstruction)

Math 10A Time: TTh 9.40--11.00AM. Location: OMHL. 1208. First Class: Oct. 2 (Th).

Tentative Syllabus

Text: Vector Calculus, by S. Colley

Midterm on the sixth or the seventh week

Final Exam: Dec. 16 (T), 8.00--11.00AM 2014

Satellite Classes: MATH-10A-002, M 11.10-12.00AM, Sproul 2360

MATH-10A-003, M 3.10-4PM, Sproul 2343

MATH-10A-004, M 8.10-9AM, Chung 139

Syllabus of Math 10B/pdf

Office Hours

My office hour is T 2.00-3.00PM in Surge 237 or by appointment

Teaching Assistants and Reader

Math 10A-002, Math 10A-003 and Math 10A-004 M. T. O'Dell

E-mail: office hours M. 9.10--10am, T. 5.10--6pm, Th. 11.10am--12pm in Pierce 2424

Reader: WeBWorK

A List of Homework and Sample Exams(see also)

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