Publications and Preprints



1. A model category structure on the category of simplicial categories, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 359 (2007), 2043-2058.

2. Three models for the homotopy theory of homotopy theories, Topology 46 (2007), 397-436.
    Longer thesis version (University of Notre Dame, 2005)

3. Rigidification of algebras over multi-sorted theories, Algebr. Geom. Topol. 6 (2006) 1925-1955.

4. Simplicial monoids and Segal categories, Contemp. Math. 431 (2007)  59-83.
    and correction
    (math.AT/0508416; math.AT/0806.1767)

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10. Homotopy fiber products of homotopy theories, Israel Journal of Mathematics 185 (2011), 389-411.



11. Derived Hall algebras for stable homotopy theories, Cah. Topol. Géom. Différ. Catég. 54 (2013), no. 1, 28–55.     



12. Homotopy limits of model categories and more general homotopy theories, Bull. Lond. Math. Soc. 44 (2012), no. 2, 311–322.



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14. Groupoid cardinality and Egyptian fractions (with C. Walker), to appear in College Mathematics Journal.

      (older, more formal version)   


15. Reedy categories and the θ-construction (with C. Rezk), Math. Z. 274 (1), 2013, 499-514.



16. Comparison of models for (∞,n)-categories, I (with C. Rezk), Geom. Topol. 17 (2013), no. 4, 2163–2202.



17. Reedy categories which encode the notion of category actions (with P. Hackney), to appear in Fundamenta Mathematicae



18. Group actions on Segal operads (with P. Hackney), to appear in Israel Journal of Mathematics.



19. Homotopy colimits of model categories, to appear in Arolla proceedings.



20. Group actions on Γ-spaces (with P. Hackney)



21. Cluster categories for topologists (with M. Robertson), to appear in CATS4 proceedings



22. Fixed points of p-toral groups acting on partition complexes (with R. Joachimi, K. Lesh, V. Stojanoska, and K. Wickelgren), to appear in Women in Topology proceedings



23. Comparison of models for (∞,n)-categories, II (with C. Rezk)



24. Classification of problematic subgroups of U(n) (with R. Joachimi, K. Lesh, V. Stojanoska, and K. Wickelgren)



25. Equivalence of models for equivariant (∞,1)-categories



26. Equivariant complete Segal spaces (with S.G. Chadwick)



27. Action graphs and Catalan numbers (with G. Alvarez and R. Lopez)



Unpublished Notes:


Workshop on the homotopy theory of homotopy theories

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