Speaker List

Keynote Address:
Bill Dwyer (University of Notre Dame) - Introduction to Localizations

Student Speakers:

Mark Behrens (University of Chicago) - Resolutions Arising from Thom Complexes

Jack Calcut (University of Maryland) - (Non) Compact Exotica

Vlad Chernysh (University of Notre Dame) - Homotopy Properties of the Space of Metrics of Positive Scalar Curvature

Marilyn Daily (North Carolina State University) - L-Infinity Algebras: An Overview

Mike Dekker (University of Notre Dame) -  Positive Scalar Curvature and Index Theory

Florin Dumitrescu (University of Notre Dame) - Obstructions to Having a Positive Scalar Curvature Metric

Benjamin Himpel (Indiana University) - A Gauge Theoretic Discussion of Casson's Invariant for Homology 3-Spheres

Elke Markert (University of Notre Dame) - The Landweber Exact Functor Theorem

Chris Mitchell (Purdue University) -The Action of an Operad on a Space and Some Results.

Corbett Redden (University of Notre Dame) - A Conjecture Concerning Ricci Curvature

Jonathan Rogness (University of Minnesota) - Homotopy Theory of  Exact Couples

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