This is to send you an information that I am also organizing an International Conference for graduate students.  It is in Applied Mathematics, which we mean that in all areas of  Mathematics. It would be nice to have your participants (graduate students) here, but (!!!)  unfortunately we have our Conference just in April 11 and 12.   In spite of, I send you separately the "First Announcement on ISCAM 2003.  Could you inform the Participants of your Graduate Students Topology in Notre Dame (2003) about our Conference?  Surely, I will inform my colleagues about your activities.
But what I mean exactly. It seams to me that we could cooperate in the future.  I am a Prosesor at the departement of Mathematics on the
Faculty of Electrical engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. I have a seminar at our faculty for graduated students and research workers from Quantum Sructures. But in the present time the subject on my seminar are topological methods and topological properties in Quantum Structures (orthomodular lattices, Effect algebras,MV-algebras,...). Hence topological algebraic structures ad probabilistic metric spaces. I am also looking for new graduate students in this area.  Write me please, your opinion, but namely something about you and your work (in topology ?).
Many greetings and the best wishes from Bratislava,
Zdenka Riecanova      (

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