Graduate Student Topology Conference
Saturday, April 12, 2003
University of Notre Dame

Pictures from the conference (click here)

The purpose of this conference is to bring together graduate students in topology and give them the opportunity to give talks, learn about a new topics, and get to know other graduate students in their field.  The schedule will consist of talks given by students, as well as one by a keynote speaker.  Participants are invited to give talks, either 20 or 40 minutes long, about topics they have been studying.  The subject need not be original research, but simply something the speaker enjoys and wishes to share.  Talks should, in particular, be accessible to an audience of graduate students of varying levels.

A continental breakfast will be provided, and there will be a party Saturday evening.  For participants wishing to stay overnight either Friday or Saturday, free housing (i.e. couches) will be available, or we can provide hotel information.  Please tell us if you have any special needs.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming so that we know about how many people to expect.  If you would like to give a talk, please send an abstract and length preference (20 or 40 minutes) by March 31 .  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

List of speakers  
List of participants

Julie Bergner ( )
Vesta Coufal ( ) 


9:30-10:00          Breakfast in lounge - 257 Hurley
10:00-10:40        Mike Dekker - Positive Scalar Curvature and Index Theory - Hayes-Healy 231
10:50-11:10        Marilyn Daily -L-Infinity Algebras: An Overview - HH 231
11:20-12:20        Keynote Speaker - Bill Dwyer - Introduction to Localizations - HH 231
12:20-2:00          Lunch 
2:00-2:40            Elke Markert - The Landweber Exact Functor Theorem - HH 229
                           Jack Calcut - (Non) Compact Exotica - HH 231
2:50-3:10            Vlad Chernysh - Homotopy Properties of the Space of Metrics of Positive Scalar Curvature - HH 229
                           Corbett Redden - A Conjecture Concerning Ricci Curvature - HH 231
3:20-3:40            Chris Mitchell - The Action of an Operad on a Space and Some Results - HH 229
                           Florin Dumitrescu - Obstructions to Having a Positive Scalar Curvature Metric - HH 231
3:40-4:00            Break
4:00-4:40            Benjamin Himpel - A Gauge Theoretic Discussion of Casson's Invariant for Homology 3-Spheres - HH 229
                           Mark Behrens - Resolutions Arising from Thom Complexes - HH 231
4:50-5:30            Jonathan Rogness - Homotopy Theory of  Exact Couples - HH 231
6:00                    Party - Location TBA

Note that South Bend will be on the same time as Chicago, Central Daylight Time.  This is one hour behind Michigan (Eastern Daylight Time).

The mathematics department is located in Hayes-Healy-Hurley Hall.  A campus map can be found at:  
We have added a map pointing out our building, visitor parking, and food options, which can be found here

A professor of electrical engineering from Bratislava, Slovakia, has expressed interest in our conference and, although it is the same weekend, would like us to post information about a conference there the same weekend and invite correspondence from graduate students in topology, especially in areas related to their research there.  A copy of this infomation can be found here .                                                    Last modified: June 6, 2003