Institute for the Applications of Mathematics & Integrated Science

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Mission Statement

The Institute for the Applications of Mathematics & Integrated Science (IAMIS) is devoted to developing the human, social, and intellectual capital needed to solve the scientific and policy problems of the 21st century.  Toward this goal, IAMIS is actively: i) developing interdisciplinary research programs that synergistically integrate the theoretical and methodological tools of mathematics, business, engineering, public policy, medicine, the natural sciences, and the social sciences; ii) organizing and hosting workshops designed to highlight existing cutting-edge applications of mathematics to various scientific fields, as well as catalyze the development of bold new applications; iii) promoting and cultivating productive working relationships between scientists located throughout UCR’s colleges and professional schools; iv) identifying and securing the funding required to carry out these research programs; and v) developing the undergraduate and graduate curriculum needed for the next generation of scientists to continue to engage in transformative research.

The creation of IAMIS has been made possible thanks to a grant (with PI Michel Lapidus) from the UCR Chancellor's Strategic Development Fund. Other sources of funding are being actively sought, from federal agencies like the National Science Foundation, as well as from foundations and appropriate state or local agencies.


Maps and Directions

Campus map: IAMIS is located on the second floor of the Surge building.

  • Via the 215 North from San Diego: Continue towards Riverside via the 60 East. Exit Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Via the 60 West from Los Angeles: Exit University Ave.
  • Via the 60 East from Palm Springs: Exit Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Via the 91 East from Orange County/Corona: Continue onto the 60 East and exit at University Ave.
For more precise directions, we suggest using your favorite online maps website with the following address: 900 University Ave., Riverside CA 92512.

Due to the fact that UCR is an ever expanding and growing campus, the parking options may differ from quarter to quarter. Hence, we suggest that you consult the UCR Parking Services website for up-to-date information on how and where to park on campus.