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Paper Info

John Baez

You can get a bunch of math and physics papers electronically by going to the xxx e-print archives. There is a lot of information to read if you're having trouble figuring out how it works. Once you know what you're doing, it's easy to download papers using the xxx `form interface'. From there, you can easily get ahold of papers in the following physics archives:

as well as those in the math archive:

Another nice interface to the math archive is the

Math papers are divided into the following subject classifications. (Some of these subject classifications subsume the old math archives alg-geom, dg-ga, funct-an, and q-alg.)

Starting from the xxx form interface, you can also get papers in various `nonlinear science' archives:

Mathematicians are an unruly and individualistic lot, so there are still some other mathematics servers that don't necessarily work the way the above ones do:

There is also the

server, which overlaps to some extent with the xxx math archive.

Dive in! These days, I get most of the new papers I read from these preprint archives. They're great.

On a somewhat different note, if you're doing a bibliographic search for papers on high-energy physics, try:

Also, if you want to know how to fight back against overpriced journals, read this. © 2003 John Baez