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Diary — July 2018

John Baez

July 6, 2018

I haven't been keeping up my diary — too busy! But today there's some real new: it's the hottest day ever recorded where I live, in Riverside California!

It's almost 47 Celsius. Tons of flies are buzzing around our front porch. Unusual: I think they're trying to keep cool. And as soon as I started watering a plant, a hummingbird landed on it and started sipping water from a leaf, undeterred by the spray!

Yesterday, Scott Pruitt resigned his position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Global warming keeps cranking up the temperature, but this corrupt bastard never gave a damn. The new interim guy is a coal industry lobbyist. Trump comments: "the future of the EPA is very bright!" We gotta get rid of him.

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